Carlo Mazzaccara

Luthier  school

The old Neapolitan mandolins- luthier school


Courses on the construction of the neapolitan mandolin , every 2 months.
The course consist in 100/120 h , every day for 5 h , for one month,  from the 9:00 to the 14:00-.
All materials , equipments are enclosed in the rate , and the completed mandolin will be your.
It is a course dedicated to the people that have already a good familiarity with the woodworking-

      Max people every course: 4

        rate: 2500 euros


1 week: construction of the wood form and of the bowl back part of the mandolin: ( this is the most important phase)

2 week: construction of the top in spruce, headstock , pickplate , harmguard, decores ---etc

3 week: assembly of all constructed parts

4 week: finishing and polishing